Utah Waterproof Decking

Waterproofing decks and Utah go together like “pink sauce” and fries. In a region that’s known for four distinct seasons—including a couple that are rich with snow, sleet and rain—homeowners simply cannot leave their decks unprotected. Having a deck itself adds great value to any home and encourages everyone to spend a little more time outdoors. Whether your deck features a hot tub, lounge chairs, a barbeque, swinging chair or all the above, it is a major feature of your home and deserves a little TLC. Bear in mind that even if you selected a top of the line deck, there are very few materials that are truly waterproof. 

Decks are most often made of wood, and wood (even though it is a natural material) is not “waterproof.” It can warp, stain and hide dangerous things like black mold. The erosion of a deck can take a long time, and the warning signs can be hidden. However, the sooner a deck is inspected and waterproofed, the better off you will be. Waterproofing a deck can dramatically increase its life span while giving you and your guests a more secure foundation for those summer barbeques. 

What is Waterproofing?

True waterproofing is a process that is quick and relatively affordable in Utah. It makes your deck unable to be penetrated by water, rain, snow, sleet or virtually any other liquid. This means that if your hot tub should leak or the kids spill sodas all over the deck, cleanup is easy and there is no worry over permanent damage. Without waterproofing, rust, rot, mold and de-laminating are relatively common. Homeowners get stuck with a big project and wasted money when they need to sand, re-stain or re-paint their decks after a particularly rough winter.

Not waterproofing your deck is like ordering a car from the manufacturer sans paint job. It will get the job done for awhile, but soon enough you’ll start to see the residual side effects. A non-waterproofed deck has no protection, so you cannot expect great service from it. Protect your investment, particularly if you call Utah home, and know what it takes to brave intense rainfall and snow. Otherwise, you are only partially installing a gorgeous home feature. Waterproofing isn’t an accessory to a deck, but rather a necessity that ensures the proper function and long life for many years to come.

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